Multimedia Artist

b. 1979, Mt. Morris, Illinois. 

Human consciousness, culture, and where we place ourselves in the world are the underpinnings of my artwork. In a broad sense, I reflect on and investigate existence, memory, ecological systems, and our relationship to our surroundings. Questions about the existence and consciousness of the human race, our collaboration and neglect of the world around us, and the state of after-existence are important ones to my painting, research, and multimedia projects.   

I use a variety of media to build lands and worlds that are hybrids of memory and reality and that tell stories of peoples, metaphysics, and phenomena. Recent works have focused on landscape and its relationship to folk traditions, narrative spaces, and beliefs. While maintaining some aspects of conventional landscapes, these paintings often include disruptions, invasive species, and spatial abnormalities that reference unseen and complex ecologies. I see my paintings, drawings, films, and books function together to tell stories of impending changes on personal, global, and universal levels.